Customized solutions made easy

GLOBOCAM helps you acquire the new or used truck that you are looking for, according to your needs and your budget. Our qualified and dedicated team facilitates the process of buying and financing the new or used vehicle of your dreams.

On-site financing  !

When planning your purchase, you get professional advice to help you assess your needs and your profile in order to help you choose the solution that best suits your situation.

Among the various financing sources that we offer, you will find loan programs at competitive rates offered by Daimler Truck Financial. This company's values come from information and expertise, as well as understanding and listening to their customers. You have access to a wide range of financing options offered by a trusted company.

Financing from GLOBOCAM is always an option that's available to you, whatever your requirements.


Hélène Renaud

Hélène Renaud
Financial Services Manager
Québec and Lévis

Patrick Vigneault
Financial Services Manager
Grand Montréal

Stéphanie Pelletier
Financial Services Manager
Used & new trucks