Freightliner New Cascadia

New Cascadia

Save on fuel thanks to advanced aerodynamics! The New Cascadia offers up to an 8% improvement in fuel economy. Class 8 | 60,600 M.T.C. | 350 to 600 HP

Also available: Freightliner Cascadia trucks powered by natural gas   Logo gaz naturel

Freightliner Cascadia Evolution

Cascadia Evolution

Designed to exceed expectations when it comes to aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, Cascadia Evolution on-highway truck will make you save up to 7% on fuel. Class 8 | 60,600 M.T.C. | 455 to 505 HP

Freightliner Cascadia


Lowering total cost of ownership is at the heart of this commercial truck, designed to maximize results and build businesses. Class 8 | 60,600 M.T.C. | 350 to 600 HP


With its sober and traditional looks, this commercial truck delivers modern performance and features that will be noticed and maximize profits. Class 8 | 62,000 M.T.C. | 350 to 600 HP


Freightliner M2 106

M2 106

When reliability, maneuverability and visibility are top priorities, the Freightliner M2 106 is the answer. From fuel economy to cost of operation, this commercial truck offers excellent efficiency, which makes it a top choice in its category for your bottom line. Class 5-8 | 56,000 M.T.C. | 200 to 350 HP

Freightliner M2 112

M2 112

The dynamic Freightliner M2 112 commercial truck combines comfort, maneuverability and superior power. With a suspension designed to support heavy loads, the truck will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Class 8 | 62,000 M.T.C. | 260 to 450 HP

Also available: Freightliner M2 112 trucks powered by natural gas   Logo gaz naturel


Freightliner 108SD


Our commercial 108SD truck may be lightweight, it is tough! With the 108SD truck, you get consistent power and reliability. The 108SD will perform heavy duty jobs and is small enough to work in those tight areas. Class 7-8 | 79,000 M.T.C. | 200 to 350 HP

Freightliner 114SD


One of the most flexible commercial trucks on the market, the 114SD features a sturdy construction and rugged components. The heavy-duty frame of the 114SD is designed to take on the most demanding jobs and the truck is great on tough spots. Class 8 | 62,000 M.T.C. | 300 to 450 HP

Also available: Freightliner 114SD trucks powered by natural gas   logo gaz naturel

Freightliner 122SD


Freightliner’s flagship model is built to endure the toughest jobs and includes a very comfortable cab interior. It is designed for big jobs and tough conditions. Class 8 | 92,000 M.T.C. | 350 to 600 HP

Western Star

Western Star 4700


Whatever the application, the quality and value of Western Star trucks are undeniable. The brand new Western Star 4700 is specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of the many companies that use the model. That’s why the 4700 is reliable, built to last, and sturdy.

Western Star 4800


With loads of options, the 4800 model delivers incredible performance and features a streamlined cab to suit any job and to meet all your expectations. From mining to shipping activities, the Western Star 4800 truck will work for you.

Western Star 4900


If you’re going to do a job, get it done right the first time with the rugged Western Star 4900. Powerful and versatile, the truck offers many options and configurations. Whatever the job, the 4900 truck covers you with durability, comfort and power, without any compromise.

Western Star 5700


The all-new Western Star model was designed without overlooking a single detail. It has the traditional look of a classic truck, but it is built for the modern age. With its improved fuel-efficiency, aerodynamics and profitability, the 5700 truck is nothing short of incredible.

Western Star 6900


When you want to move mountains, there’s only one truck out there: the Western Star 6900. It can pull loads over 500,000 pounds as a tractor and can move 80,000 pounds with body. Even when you tackle the toughest jobs, the 6900 delivers power and performance.