National Trucking Week : Human beings first!

29 August 2019

From September 1 to 7, the National Trucking Week will be held under the theme “Human beings first!” (Des humains avant tout). The purpose of the celebration is to pay tribute to the men and women who keep the country’s freight moving day after day from coast to coast. The trucking industry is not just about drivers; it’s also about the many product and service suppliers and other teams of professionals that support it in some way.

The trucking industry is the backbone of the Canadian economy. All consumer goods must necessarily be transported from point A to point B regardless of their origin or destination. Whether for courier service, fresh food or fuel, all companies need the trucking industry regardless of the stage in the supply chain (manufacturer, distributor, retailer or consumer).

Therefore it is with enthusiasm that we would like to thank all workers from the trucking industry who give their best to achieve excellence and ensure that everything runs safely and on time.

Trucking week 2019