For over 25 years, GLOBOCAM has proudly been offering a wide range of new medium and heavy trucks under the brands Freightliner, Western Star and Fuso, as well as a large selection of used trucks of all makes. GLOBOCAM’s comprehensive offering includes the maintenance and repair of any heavy vehicle, a body shop and an impressive parts department where you’ll find passionate, skilled staff. When you deal with GLOBOCAM, you also benefit from our Elite Support certification which sets stringent standards in service excellence and from tailor-made financing solutions.

From the very start, GLOBOCAM has been operating through its Pointe-ClaireAnjou and Boucherville dealerships. A new chapter began in August 2016 as Camions Freightliner Québec, Inc. and its Québec City and Lévis dealerships joined the GLOBOCAM family and adopted the name. The new dealerships allowed the GLOBOCAM network to grow and have made it even stronger.




  • 1994 – Acquisition of the Freightliner Montréal franchise
  • 1994 – Opening of the Ville d’Anjou dealership, in Montréal’s east end
  • 1998 – Opening of the Boucherville dealership, on the south shore of Montréal
  • 1998 – Move of the Montréal dealership to Pointe-Claire
  • 1999 – Launch of the GLOBOCAM Select used trucks division
  • 2004 – Acquisition by Pointe-Claire, Anjou and Boucherville of the Western Star and Sterling franchises
  • 2006 – Acquisition of the Fuso franchise by Anjou and Boucherville dealerships
  • 2009 – Phase-out of the Sterling subsidiary
  • 2014 – Launch of the GLOBOCAM Financing division
  • 2016 – Acquisition of the Lévis and Québec dealerships from Camions Freightliner Québec

Today, with 5 dealerships, close to 100 services bays and more than 350 employees, GLOBOCAM is the largest truck dealer network in Quebec and a clear industry leader.


Our team is committed to the quality of the work completed and to the personal and professional development of each of its members. Continuous training ensures the ongoing improvement of our employees and their up-to-date knowledge of technologies. GLOBOCAM is also proud to offer its staff a healthy, safe, and pleasant work environment that ultimately benefits customers.

Our passionate experts are known for their outstanding customer service on every aspect. Whether it is a question of selling, purchasing or financing a truck, from our maintenance service to our body shop or parts department, the GLOBOCAM team is dedicated to providing optimal customer experience each and every time.

Aways on the look-out for new ways to innovate, GLOBOCAM is devoted to standing out from the competition by delivering first-rate service tailored to customers’ needs. 


Over the years, GLOBOCAM has acquired a wide reputation, enhanced by the Elite Support certification of each one of the five dealerships. Our team was also the recipient of numerous awards, among which: 

  • The 2016 ACQ Jury Prize presented by the Association de la construction du Québec to a company for its contribution, involvement and commitment to the freight industry, awarded to all GLOBOCAM dealerships
  • The prestigious Canadian Dealer of the Year and Canadian Service Dealer of the Year awards, presented by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America to GLOBOCAM’s Boucherville dealership


  • A truck parts inventory totalling over $10 million
  • Unparalleled repair services and technical support: delivery, roadside assistance, maintenance and repair, body shop (body work and painting), etc.
  • Customized loan programs, attractive service contracts and packages, competitive prices and rates, as well as products backed by a great warranty

GLOBOCAM is a trusted partner that makes it possible that only one stop meets all your needs.


Awards of Excellence

Over the years, Globocam has set itself apart from the competition and has raised its profile, particularly through the several important awards and merits achieved. Our expertise allows us to offer you a product up to your expectations, an outstanding customer service as well as tailored financing programs. We are proud to have long been a recognized leader in our field and thus to have received:

  • the 2016 Jury Prize from ACQ, for all Globocam dealers, presented to a company that has distinguished itself through its contributions, its involvement and its commitment to the freight industry;
  • the Elite Support Certification, for South Shore and Montreal dealers, which was the first Western Star/Freightliner distributor in Quebec to have earned this honour;
  • the prestigious Canadian Dealer of the Year and Canadian Service Dealer of the Year prizes, both received from Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. (MFTA), for Globocam South Shore. 

For all your needs

We have the ideal solution for you regarding the complete maintenance of your truck. Just one stop, and it’s done! From financing to sales to maintenance, our team will take care of you, in a single visit.

  • A truck parts inventory totalling more than $7 million.
  • Extraordinary repair services and technical support: delivery, roadside assistance, maintenance and repair, body work and painting, etc.
  • Customised loan programs, advantageous service contracts and packages, competitive prices and rates, excellent warranty.

For all your questions on the purchase, the sales or even the loan of new or used heavy trucks, Globocam is a trusted and reliable partner.