We provide complete maintenance and repair services for all areas that affect medium and heavy trucks. Our team of qualified experts will assist you throughout the life of your truck, and this is an advantage.

  • Express Assessment is our commitment to communicate a preliminary diagnosis to the customer within 2 hours of arrival.
  • Roadside assistance
  • On-site consultation service with a mechanics teacher
  • Team of more than 100 technicians, 30 parts clerks and 6 representatives
  • Three repair and maintenance shops equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and located in the greater Montréal area.
  • Very attractive service contracts and maintenance packages: the many options available allow you to relieve your business of maintenance constraints
  • Free Trailer parking for customers
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Repair and maintenance services for heavy trucks

  • Engine mechanics, transmission, differential
  • Brakes inspection and replacement
  • Oil change
  • Computer-assisted diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Repair or replacement of radiators
  • Diagnosis and repair of air conditioning systems
  • Alignment and suspension work

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Our Certified Services

As an Elite Support Certified dealer, Globocam offers nothing less than certified technicians for your truck repair services.

Engine services
Engines Anjou Boucherville Pointe-Claire
Série 60 x x x
DD13, DD15, DD16 x x x
CAT x x x
Cummins x x x
Detroit x x x
MBE900 x x x
MBE4000 x x x
Transmission services
Transmission Anjou Boucherville Pointe-Claire
Detroit DT12 x x x
Allison x x x
Eaton Fuller x x x
Other types of repairs
Other Anjou Boucherville Pointe-Claire
Detroit axles x x x
Alignments     x
Motor home x x x
24 H roadside assistance x x x
Welding x x x
Body shop x    
Hydraulic x    
Amenities in waiting rooms
Driver's lounge Anjou Boucherville Pointe-Claire
Television x x x
Magazines x x x
Shower     x
Coffee x x x
Vending machines x x x
Microwave x x x
WI-FI x x x
Work space x x x